Workshop on

Nonholonomic mechanics and optimal control

Institut Henri Poincaré

Paris - November 25 - 28, 2014

This workshop is a part of the IHP trimester "Geometry, Analysis and Dynamics on Sub-Riemannian Manifolds"

The workshop will focus on recent advances in geometric optimal control and non-holonomic mechanics, with applications to robotics and/or motion planning. The main goal of the workshop is to share knowledge among mathematicians from different countries (including graduate students and postdoctoral fellows), by providing them with a place to meet and discuss their recent research topics. The workshop is intended to cover a rather broad range of research interests in the area of geometric control theory. Among others, covered topics will be: curvature in control theory, rolling problems, non smooth optimization, computations in free Lie algebra, Hamilton-Jacobi equation, action principles, inverse optimal control problems.


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